Complex Transactions:


Complex transactions are tough for everyone concerned.  They are hard for the buyer, the seller, and the agent(s).  Here are some guidelines if you get involved in one:

1.Patience is the watchword in these transactions.  Complex transactions may blindside you; they always require patience, and keeping your eye on the goal. You may get involved in a boundary dispute. There may be a legal battle, or an appraisal issue. A few years ago, I personally had one where there was no road maintenance agreement.  It took time to work through. The buyers wanted the house, and recognized it was the best thing they had seen, so we walked through it together.

2.Realize that we will walk through these transactions with you. Unless there is nothing we can do (you’re in the middle of a divorce), we will stand with you and make every effort to smooth out the rough spots.

3.Know that, if we don’t personally have the answers, we will find the right experts to help us make your transaction work.  For example, a recent transaction involved someone who wanted to do an exchange on their rental property.  They were told that a 1031 (that’s the IRS code #) Exchange wouldn’t work, because the properties were not “alike.” We were able to find a more knowledgeable expert, who correctly counselled the seller (long story short: The properties ARE alike, acc to IRS). Many times, we’ve found, a complex transaction becomes simple when we hire the right experts.

4.Some commercial transactions may be complex.  Most of them are not.  There is property. There is a buyer, and a seller. In these apparently bewildering transactions, we’re here to help.

5.Our guiding light is now, and always has been, the “Golden Rule;” we want to treat you as we’d like to be treated in similar circumstances.  That’s more than just “integrity.” It involves us standing with you in every transaction, earning your trust, and your future business, because you know that we’ll do what you really need in each circumstance.