Are you experiencing the down-side of rental property ownership?

So, you own a rental property and all your investment dreams are about to come true! We agree that owning rental property is an excellent investment opportunity - BUT - now that you're a rental owner you realize ...someone forgot to tell you about the down side of owning rental property!!

Is this your life?

You've just received Notice from your current tenant - the property is a mess and needs lots of work to get it rent-ready. You need to hire competent and reasonably priced subcontractors - or you'll have to do all the fix-up yourself - and you don't have reputable and honest resources for painters, plumbers, handymen, electricians?? Once you've scrambled to try to get the property ready to show - you're spending a lot of valuable time showing up at the property - just to be stood up! And how do you know if you're choosing a credit worthy tenant who won't stiff you for the rent? Are you filling out your rental contracts so you'll be protected if the tenant defaults on their part of the rental agreement? Are you providing all the correct forms and disclosures to your tenant in order to be compliant with local and State law? What about pets? Once you finally get a tenant, are you spending half a Saturday each month paying the rental property bills and getting calls to come over to fix that leaky faucet or deal with the plugged up toilet in the middle of the night? Do you have time to regularly inspect your properties to pre-empt those emergency calls?

Instead of tied up and tied down - be free to live YOUR dreams...

How much is your time and peace of mind worth?

Many people feel that employing property management is expensive. We charge 10% of the gross rents - without a bunch of hidden fees and costs. Most of the time we are able to help you save money when you improve your property and help you attract a higher quality of tenant. This should increase your cash-flow and off-set the cost of putting property management in place. 

Rental owners fail to realize just how much of their time is being used up taking care of that rental! How much money will your save avoiding an Unlawful Detainer action? How much is it worth to have us look over your property in order to help pre-empt possible emergency service calls? How much is it worth to have someone else manage all those monthly bills, service calls and other tenant complaints? How much time do you spend showing vacancies? Can you really leave and go on vacation without worrying about what's happening at the rental?

Who we are...

Mitchel Management Company is a subsidiary of GLENN D. MITCHEL REALTORS. We have been in business since 1953. Our full-service property management team has over 20 years of experience. We have a list of owner references available on request for you to call and talk to about us!

We can help if...

  • If you have recently realized that your time is more valuable than your money.
  • If you believe you could benefit from the advice of an expert.
  • If you have high standards for your property and desire a great quality tenant.
  • If you want to enjoy rental ownership - without your life being constantly interrupted with the next new problem...

Then we can definitely help you!!!

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